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Transform Your Wardrobe With Personal Styling

Personal styling is a specialised service that evaluates your personality, life goals, body shape, personal colouring and how you would like to project yourself in front of others.

Once this analysis is done, according to your brand preferences and budget allocations a wardrobe inventory is created suited to you and your lifestyle. What is important to understand is that a person needs to be very clear on the kind of messages he wants to send to others for example you would want to appear extroverted or you may want to appear more confident or vice versa.

Let me explain how this service works. When a client approaches the stylist the first thing that a stylist should know or would want to inquire is what your goal of dressing is. Once the goal of dressing is understood clearly then starts the process of analysis wherein you share your general lifestyle the activities that you do how much time you allocate to different activities, what are your preferred brands, what kind of  dressing goals you have meaning is comfort your priority ,is style and trend your priority, is looking well put together at  all  times is what is important to you, are you a person who likes sustainable fashion and wants to dress sustainably etcetera.

The next step is to analyse your fashion style now typically fashion styles can be broadly divided into -creative, sporty dramatic, very conservative, comfort style, polished style feminine style. Every style communicates a certain feeling in you as well as in others who are meeting you or seeing you. if your clothing goals do not match with your life goals the disconnect will not communicate the right information to others. This in turn will lower your confidence level because you don’t wear the kind of colours or the kind of styles or the kind of patterns and prints which resonate with your own personality.

Sometimes to achieve your life goals you have to step out of your comfort zone and dress differently. This is the time a personal stylist can be of great help because you may want to change the way you look or change the way you dress so that people start looking at you and seeing you in a different light that could make people see a different angle of you and that may open doors to opportunities.

With abundant information available on fashion and style it gets very confusing for a consumer to create a sustainable wardrobe for himself or herself.  Their  buying decisions are based on lot of external factors like advertising and marketing ,social media etcetera. when you have your personal style evaluated and when you realise the importance of following your own unique style it saves a lot of your time in decision making .iI helps you buy better and not necessarily always more. On the contrary you buy good pieces but lesser pieces. personal styling enables you to create more outfits from lesser pieces, it helps you use your existing clothing in fresh and different ways. Personal styling doesn’t mean that you need to spend a fortune in buying and creating a new wardrobe or collection of clothes it simply means removing pieces which do not work for you keep the pieces that work for you and add a few additional pieces which can mix and match and coordinate with your existing pieces. If there is a need for shopping and budgets are there for shopping definitely more fresh new pieces can be bought but these dont have to be trendy pieces or pieces which last you only for one season.

Personal styling as a service does not have to be done at a very large scale always sometimes you need styling for certain occasions certain festivals certain functions for that the process remains the same but the scale reduces .

Shopping assistance can also be provided for such occasions but it is very much a part of personal styling.

This service can take 3 days and go up to 15 days depending upon the need and the requirement of the client.

There is no fixed fee structure for this service because every client’s requirement is different.

In today’s day and time where people do not have the leisure to spend a lot of time on dressing up personal styling can help you in many ways then you can imagine .when your wardrobe is sorted you save time energy and you have the mind space to focus on other more important aspects of your life.

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