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Image Consultation for the House Proud Woman

Having a professional degree puts you on the starting block of the race, but to stay ahead in the cut-throat competition, you have to have the right temperament for it; and that’s where Soft Launch comes in. It enhances your professional image, soft skills and quality of life and makes you a better individual, in your personal and professional spheres.


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Day 1: 1 hour
  • Learn about image, its elements and how it affects our lives
  • Personal assessment and evaluation – colour, face shape and body shape analysis
  • Develop your signature fashion style
Day 2: 1 hour
  • Pros and cons of your body shape and proportions
  • Learn how to highlight your personal assets and conceal flaws
  • What silhouettes to wear? Get your own personalised must-have list
  • Clubbing prints patterns and textures to your best advantage
  • Find out colour combinations that suit you the best. Get your own colours in an e-book for easy reference
Day 3: 1 hour
  • Appropriate techniques of makeup and skin care
  • Find out the minimum and suitable products to be included in your vanity
  • Learn to pick the appropriate accessories as per occasion – shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewellery
  • Get your personalised list of suitable accessories in terms of size, shape and colour
  • Wardrobe organisation
Day 4: 1 hour
  • Learn the most appropriate, acceptable and graceful ways of deportment fitting to your lifestyle
  • Body language, its importance and proper application
Day 5: 1 hour
  • Business and workplace etiquettes
  • How to make a lasting first impression
  • Formal and correct ways to make introductions, meet and greet
  • Learn to analyse and display positive body language
  • Social etiquettes at different spheres – Travel, gym, airport etc.
  • Knowledge and understanding of wines
Day 6: 1 hour
  • Dining etiquettes and understanding the major styles of dining
  • Table mannerisms and meal conversations
Day 7: 1 hour
  • Personal shopping – Improve your shopping skills
  • Get the most appropriate clothes picked as per your personal needs
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