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I have some exciting news to share! Going by the enormous demand that my videos have generated, I am now reducing the fees, so that the videos are accessible to even more people. In addition to this, instead of only a 30-minute session per video, I am now offering two Q&A sessions of two hours each over video conference, if one purchases the entire course.

Your purchase of the full course will give you access to all the videos and files in the course. It is likely to take you 15 days to watch all the episodes and read through 300 pages of PDF files. After this period, I will mail/text you so that we can mutually fix two sessions of two hours each, over two days, for this question and answer session. To make the session even more effective, I would urge you to mail me all your queries in advance, once the time slot is booked. You can of course ask me more questions and I will be happy to clear any doubts you may have. So that our engagement is professional and mutually growth-oriented, we will follow a schedule.

You can choose the four hours Q and A session of 2 days each to be spread across a few days’ gaps, in slots of two hours each. If you are purchasing the entire course, you can choose to skip Travel Tips as the notes are already included in the Country and Culture. You will need to purchase the course in order to be able to access the video, but as the notes are common with the Country and Culture section, the Travel episode is priced lower. So, the choice is yours.

The body language and Stock phrases chapter have only notes that I will mail you. The entire course contains over 6 hours of video content and over 300 pages of PDF content written by me. The duration of the video varies for each chapter. I will be mailing you all the content after your purchase is made.

The content on Countries and Culture has the longest video and chapters. This includes travel tips and I have given information about a few extra countries in the PDF, in addition to the ones I have talked about in the video. In this section, I have included countries that Indians travel to most frequently for higher studies, work, or vacation. I have extensively covered USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland, Canada, Australia, France, Russia, South Africa, Israel, U.A.E, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.

Kindly note that I do not have videos on Italy, South Africa, Israel, and South Korea as I had recorded the main content earlier, but on popular demand, I now have included these chapters in the Students’ Edition pdf. After doing the entire course, if you are keen on gaining more knowledge, you can contact me and obtain notes on the following countries namely: Austria, Denmark, New Zealand, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam and Malaysia. Notes for each country are priced at Rs. 300/-. You can contact me via mail and I will email you the notes once the payment is made. (If you have other countries in mind to ask after the course other than those listed here, drop me a mail, if I can help I will offer on those countries also)

I would like to mention that all these 31 countries have excellent trade relations with India and are culturally connected to us as well.

The programs we offered: Professionals / College Students, Homemakers, Teenagers, Corporates.

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