Image Consultancy and Personal Grooming in Delhi – Finishing School


Programs Offered


Image Consultancy and grooming for Teenagers

Our workshop (9 sessions of about 2 hours each) and tutorials are engaging, age appropriate and fully interactive sessions. Participants will learn the importance of etiquette, how and why it is a valuable lifelong skill that works to their benefit. They will learn and practice leadership qualities, social, dining and communication etiquette that will enable them to feel comfortable and self-assured in any situation.

Our Workshop Includes

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  • Greeting and introduction
  • Digital world etiquette
  • Conversation skills
  • Common courtesies and etiquette in public places
  • Being a host/hostess and being a guest
  • Personal grooming, hygeine,health practices, toilette manners, dressing and wardrobe management tips
  • Dining etiquette and table manners
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