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Personal Styling Consultancy


During this Personal Style consultation, Arunima will analyse your body shape and structure and advise you appropriate clothing to flatter your shape. She will unravel your own style personality and help you understand what image you project. Through colour analysis she will tell you about the colours that suit you best.


Through this interactive and practical consultation, Arunima will help you recognize the most suitable shade of colours you should wear . You will be able to choose your best colours and learn how to use them to enhance your appearance.


During this consultation, Arunima Visits your closet and after thorough analysis , makes you retain only those pieces that resonate with your personality, goals ,physical attributes and requirements. Personal shopping further, fills the gaps if any . As a result you have a cohesive, practical and well organised closet.

Personal Styling

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does a styling consultant do?

A styling consultant, a personal stylist or a fashion advisor helps people improve their overall appearance. They consider the individual’s body type and lifestyle to create an image that will help them look and feel their best. Finding clothes that positively reflect oneself can be difficult, whether for work or social events. Styling consultants are knowledgeable in the latest movements of fashion and how they interact with different body types so that they can make recommendations tailored to each client. A good styling consultant might offer services such as dress for success advice; creating wardrobe packages designed around your daily lifestyle; shopping trips where you get one-on-one service from a personal shopper; online style consultations where clients provide photos of their current style and receive advice on how to make improvements based on likes/dislikes; confidence building exercises to help foster self-love and acceptance; helping individuals find the right fit when trying new looks by taking measurements and giving fitting tips; and finally giving guidance on color palettes that suit your skin tone. All these services, when correctly utilized, could lead anybody to an improved state of total self-esteem through improved appearance.

What is a personal styling service?

Personal Styling Service is offered by professional Fashion Stylists who specialize in helping individuals create outfits or ensembles that best fit their lifestyle and needs. This service provides customers an individualized and personalized experience based on their preferences and personal style. A Personal Stylist can advise on dressing for success, building confidence, improving the appearance of people’s wardrobes, and helping them find the right pieces to maximize their looks. With the help of Indian Fashion Stylist, Style Advisor, New Look Style, and fashion style shopping, you can get online styling services and a knowledgeable Style Consultant or Fashion Consultant to determine how to find your style. The result is an expertly curated wardrobe tailored to look good on you while still being comfortable, stylish, and classic!

How much is a styling consultation?

A styling consultation is an affordable way to ensure you look your best. A personal stylist or fashion advisor can provide valuable guidance in helping you choose the right clothes and accessories for various occasions. They help create a new look style that works with your body type, budget, lifestyle, and personality. They offer personalized services tailored to you, from wardrobe building to shopping assistance. During the consultation, they will assess everything from your skin tone to how well different colors suit you while teaching skills such as finding your style in clothing and accessorizing. With their expertise and advice on dress-for-success techniques, you’ll have the confidence to give a great first impression. A styling consultation is one of the keys to achieving long-term image improvement and a triumphant appearance -all at an accessible price point.

How do you charge for personal styling?

When it comes to charging for personal styling, many factors go into determining the exact amount you should charge. Typically, a personal stylist will charge based on their experience level and range of services offered. Generally speaking, a personal stylist with extensive knowledge of Indian fashion and excellent style advice can command higher rates than those specializing in shopping consulting or finding new looks for clients. Additionally, having additional services like confidence building and appearance improvement may result in an even higher rate. Suppose you’re looking for an online option to find personalized style tips. In that case, you can hire a style or fashion advisor who provides this service remotely via video conferencing software. Ultimately, pricing will depend on the individual stylist – so ask around before deciding!

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