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How to Mix and Match Patterns in Your Home Décor

No matter wherever we go, one thing that all of us crave is our home. Home Decor is an entire process of making your home more lively and beautiful. It expresses how much you love your home and how much you took care of it. Your style of home Decor reflects what you like and how you expect other people to style. In other words, it reflects back your personality. By Mixing and matching home decor styles, and different patterns you can easily level up the environment of your home.

Before you look on for a variety of patterns, it is important to choose a favorite color palette for your home. Always go for a vibrant color that can easily carry all the patterns and designs done on it. By doing it you can easily give a better vibrant background to whatever you’ve thought. By choosing Mixing and matching home decor colors, you can easily give a bold pattern mixing in Home Decor.

When going for Mixing patterns in small spaces, always decide on certain measurements or scales of the designs you have selected. You will get to know when we have decided everything in a certain scale and sequence, overall it gives the best look to your home. You don’t have to mix and make everything in a certain pattern because it looks chaotic.

For creative people Or Image Styling you, mixing and matching patterns in your home Decor can be an exciting task. As a person, we know how connected we all feel with our home and how we try to keep all the moments alive from the very start.

When looking for patterns, there are actually a number of patterns available according to the ongoing trends and updated world like Floral pattern mixing in home Decor, Geometric pattern mixing in home Decor, Pattern mixing with accent pillows, and many more.

When you try different types of patterns on a single wall then make sure to use the same color that is vibrant as it will give a depth sense and creativity to your wall. For example, if you are one of the people who love nature, then you can go with shades of green color with some white stone colors on the bottom and some shades of sea color.

You can level up the game of mixing and matching patterns in your home Decor by adding certain decorative elements to it, like, curtains, sofas, vases, paintings, frames, etc.

Mixing and matching patterns is not as difficult as it seems. It becomes easy when you can easily get Tips for mixing patterns in your home Decor and work in collaboration with a personal stylist who can easily understand what you need and had an experience with everything that you’re unable to explain soft launch is that personal stylist for you. Soft launch knows your needs in a better way as we had worked with hundreds of clients belonging to different places, different origins, and different tastes. we understand all of your demands and get the work done in the best way possible. So what are you waiting for? contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some tips for mixing and matching patterns in home decor?

There are various tips for Mixing and Matching Patterns in Home Decor like go with a bold and vibrant colors as base, use scales of different measurements as it look good on your walls, use different types of patterns to make it even more beautiful.

How many patterns are too many when it comes to mixing and matching in home decor?

There is nothing such numbers fixed to determine whether it is too much or too less. It is totally dependent on the space you are doing and the patterns you are choosing.

What are some popular patterns to mix and match in home decor?

Usually, floral, animal prints, geometrical, stripes, etc are the most popular patterns to mix and match in home Decor but with one’s own creativity, you can create your own unique style.

How can I balance bold patterns with more subtle ones in my home decor?

Use the 80/20 rule when looking to balance bold patterns with subtle ones.  Use 80% of your space as a neutral or subtle base and do bold patterns on the rest 20% as it will elevate all the space and will make your space more attractive.

What are some examples of successful pattern mixing in home decor?

Well, Soft Launch has many successful examples of pattern mixing in home Decor that includes geometrical patterns with a simple sofa, floral walls with plain and striped curtains, etc. These examples show how successfully you can mix your own creativity with existing patterns.

How can I use color to tie together different patterns in my home decor?

Color provides a base for different patterns for home Decor. Bold color will provide a good base to draw smaller patterns while the light color base will provide a good base for big and geometrical patterns.


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