There are multiple aspects that go into the making of a personality. A Soft Launch course touches upon all of them and lands them subtle strokes of improvisation to ensure that your personality leaves a warm and charming impression on every person you come across. It covers all grounds from etiquettes and conversation skills to table manners and sense of dressing and shapes you into a complete package, all geared to conquer the personal and professional worlds.

Business Etiquettes

Modern India is connected with the globe for work, travel and beyond. We live in a globalised world where one needs to be familiar with internationally accepted etiquettes.Soft Launch prepares you for the daily life at home and office and also for the sudden foreign interactions that our modern lifestyle throws at us every once in a while.


Ways of Introduction

It is rightly said that “first impression is the last impression” and that is why the way we greet and introduce ourselves becomes a crucial factor in our social life. Different places and situations demand different sets of body language and ways to sit, stand, walk and body distance to be maintained with people. Soft Launch trains you to make positive impressionsand makes you aware of the messages given out by specific body languages including posture, eye contact, facial expression and various other gestures.

Conversation Skills

Conversations are the currency of life. The appropriate voice, tone, topic and nature of a conversation are based on its purpose, situation, place and people. A person skilled in conversing goes a long way in charming and influencing others and is often found to be having leadership traits. It also has a very telling effect on the size of your social and professional circle.  

Telephone & Phone Call Etiquette

Just like the opening greeting on the top left of your letter, every medium of conversation comes with its own set of suitable ways. To be aware of these ways becomes more crucial in the modern worldwhere a failed phone call to your senior could jeopardize your entire career. Our course teaches you how to answer calls, give and seek information and most importantly, the goof ups to avoid.  

Digital World Etiquettes

Our course helps in understanding the use of internet and digital world. Different platforms like email, facebook, instagram, twitter, whatsapp and others have their own specific uses in the professional world, which a budding professional has to thoroughly understand before entering the corporate culture. This understanding is critical in getting the maximum output from these various platforms.  


How a person conducts oneself at home, office and in public places like malls, metros, airplanes, stadiums, movie halls, auditoriums, gyms, etc. forms the basis of the general opinion people have of them.A Soft Launch course helps you in understanding the multicultural world and inculcates respect for different cultures and religions.

Personal Hugiene

Cleanliness habits and personal hygiene of a person are integral factors in shaping their rapport at work and home. A person following the hygienic code creates a positive environment around him and appears amiable for others to have a conversation and companionship with. Our course includes different hygiene habits to be followed by men and women.  

Dressing Code

How you are addressed depends a lot on how you dress. Soft Launch guides you on picking the appropriate attire, carrying it and using your sense of dressing to enhance your image. The course covers the four levels of professional dressing,basic classic western and Indian pieces for men and women,style tips, Ideas on different colors, prints and fabrics in outfits and how best to use them.  

Basic Workplace Etiquettes

At office, we encounter different situations with people at different levels of hierarchy at multiple places like work area, meeting rooms, canteen, smoking area, recreation room etc.; and all the possible combinations of these three demand different set of behavior and etiquettes from you.

Table Manners

Social, family and business meals are an integral part of our modern lifestyles. It is to be kept in mind that there is always someone on the table forming an opinion about you based on the way you hold your spoon, knife and fork. The course not just makes you aware of proper eating habits but also tells you how to be a great host and guest.