Image Consultancy and grooming for Housewives and Brides-to-be

The role of a homemaker is very important in any society. If she performs her role well, her husband and children become better human beings, conscientious citizens, and consequently contribute to their society and country.

Constant personal grooming and updating yourself is the only way to stay ahead in this fast paced world. A seven days Soft Launch Program, curated on the lines of Sterling Style Academy, Milan, is the quickest way to turnaround your image and elevate your status to the tunes of internationally acceptable standards of style, fashion and etiquettes.


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Day 1: 1 hour
  •  Learn about image, its elements and how it affects our lives
  •  Personal assessment and evaluation - colour, face shape and body shape analysis
  •  Develop your signature fashion style
Day 2: 1 hour
  •  Pros and cons of your body shape and proportions
  •  Learn how to highlight your personal assets and conceal flaws
  •  What silhouettes to wear? Get your own personalised must-have list
  •  Clubbing prints patterns and textures to your best advantage
  •  Find out colour combinations that suit you the best. Get your own colours in an e-book for easy reference
Day 3: 1 hour
  •  Appropriate techniques of makeup and skin care
  •  Find out the minimum and suitable products to be included in your vanity
  •  Learn to pick the appropriate accessories as per occasion - shoes, bags, sunglasses and jewellery
  •  Get your personalised list of suitable accessories in terms of size, shape and colour
  •  Wardrobe organisation
Day 4: 1 hour
  •  Learn the most appropriate, acceptable and graceful ways of deportment fitting to your lifestyle
  •  Body language, its importance and proper application
Day 5: 1 hour
  •  Business and workplace etiquettes
  •  How to make a lasting first impression
  •  Formal and correct ways to make introductions, meet and greet
  •  Learn to analyse and display positive body language
  •  Social etiquettes at different spheres – Travel, gym, airport etc.
  •  Knowledge and understanding of wines
Day 6: 1 hour
  •  Dining etiquettes and understanding the major styles of dining
  •  Table mannerisms and meal conversations
Day 7: 1 hour
  •  Personal shopping – Improve your shopping skills
  •  Get the most appropriate clothes picked as per your personal needs